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Toolkit: Onboarding New Sales Hires

Hiring sales superstars is the goal. But even when you hire the best, you still have to align them on your products and services, language, process, sales culture, team, tools, your way of selling, and more.

An ineffective onboarding program can significantly slow the time it takes for a great seller to become a top performer on your team.

The sales organizations with the most effective onboarding programs are 4x more likely to get sellers to productive selling in under 3 months. But how can you do the same? And how can you build an onboarding program that maximizes seller retention and performance?

In this toolkit, we share a step-by-step framework for establishing a seamless and supportive onboarding program for your new sales hires.

The toolkit includes:

  • [Ebook] How to Build a Transformational Onboarding Program for New Sales Hires: Take your new sellers from "you're hired" to "let's go" with this guide to designing and implementing an onboarding process for your organization.
  • [Template] Sales Onboarding Blueprint: You have to know where you are to know where you're going. This template will help you start visualizing your desired future so you can chart a course to onboarding success.
  • [Checklist] Designing a Highly Effective Sales Onboarding Program: Using the Craft, Deliver, Enable framework, this checklist will help you build a robust onboarding process that gets results.
  • [Checklist] Hiring a Sales Training Provider: Evaluate prospective third-party sales training providers with this list of criteria and find the right fit for your organization.
  • [Worksheet] Sales Onboarding Lead and Lag Measures: Determine which lead and lag measures to track based on your onboarding goals and objectives.
  • [Calculator] The Cost of New Seller Turnover: Discover how much unwanted new hire turnover is costing you.

You’ll learn:

  • The components of an effective onboarding process
  • How to establish your onboarding vision, metrics, and strategy
  • The seller and sales manager competencies that drive top performance
  • 5 components to delivering an effective onboarding program
  • How to use KPIs to measure a new hire's performance and overall impact of the program
  • How you can empower your new sales hires to execute

Download this toolkit today to get the most from your investment in new hires, retain the best sellers, and boost sales results.

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