Information Technology & Services Company Achieves 65% Win Rate in Q1

Client: BP3 Global
Industry: Information Technology & Services
Services: Assessments, Sales Training


BP3 Global delivers transformative solutions that help enterprise-level organizations realize their digital strategies by connecting people, processes, and technologies. The company provides digital process, decision management, and analytics software and services to Fortune 500 businesses in the financial services, retail, healthcare, and energy sectors.

Founded in 2007, BP3 has earned a reputation for providing large multinational brands with award-winning outcomes. Though the company achieved great success, leadership was seeking to further its growth and implement a cohesive sales strategy.

"Our sellers have various backgrounds, philosophies, and sales roles. Their approach, language, and how they'd quantify opportunities was inconsistent. While they achieved success by doing different things, we knew we could achieve even greater success if they all spoke the same language and followed the same steps," explained Lance Gibbs, Chairman of BP3. "We needed to adopt a base framework and overall strategy that aligned with the way buyers buy today."


After conducting extensive research, BP3 partnered with RAIN Group and underwent a complete transformation to change how their sellers communicated. RAIN Group:

  • Analyzed the team of senior consultants using the Rainmaker Assessment to identify selling strengths and potential.
  • Developed and delivered a customized Insight Selling training program. The 2-day workshop taught sellers how to create conversations based on ideas, inspire with insights, and set themselves and their companies apart from the competition.
  • Created customized messaging tools, focusing on specific stories and questions BP3 sellers could use to educate buyers.
  • Delivered a Strategic Account Management (SAM) workshop where sellers learned how to penetrate, expand, and protect strategic accounts.
  • Reinforced training with Insight Selling and Strategic Account Management eLearning programs and RAIN MailSM, a mobile and email app that presents sales scenarios with difficult choices and immediate feedback.


The Insight Selling and SAM workshops, online lessons, and RAIN Mail played a vital role in BP3’s success. Since the training, BP3 has achieved a 65% win rate in Q1 with a continuing 20% gain.

"We've experienced significant behavior change since the trainings. Now, our team speaks the same language when we're approaching existing clients and trying to attract new ones. We have a specific plan, roles, and script. Deals that previously lingered for six months without movement are now moving up or out, allowing sellers to focus on other deals. RAIN Group understood our industry and situation. As a result, their solutions have created fantastic opportunities for expansion."

- Lance Gibbs, Chairman, BP3 Global

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