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Identify, hire, and develop top sales performers.

Most sales assessments tend to measure aptitude or personality, making claims that certain traits lead to an individual’s ability to succeed in sales. Yet, when it comes down to it, personality has little to do with how well people sell.

Through our partnership with Objective Management Group, RAIN Group offers sales assessments that measure sales attributes and skills, focusing only on the factors that actually make a difference in sales success.

Identify Skill Gaps in Your Team

We provide individual and team analysis to identify the skills your team must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome and help you build a plan to achieve top performance.

Identify Skill Gaps in Your Team
Hire Sellers Most Likely to Succeed

Hire Sellers Most Likely to Succeed

Most sales mis-hires cost 6 figures or more in hiring fees, salary, overhead, training, management time, and lost sales. Our Rainmaker Talent Assessment is proven to predict hiring success 95% of the time.

Know Who Will Become a Top Performer

Our sales assessments are the only ones with predictive validity in sales. They’ll tell you not only who can sell, but who will sell and to what success level, allowing you to identify and develop top performers.

Know Who Will Become a Top Performer

Our Sales Assessment Offerings

We offer a number of sales assessments for the various sales roles in your company and what you're trying to achieve. Sales assessments include:

Sales Team Assessment

Sales Team Assessment

We offer individual and team analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and growth potential of your team. We’ll analyze the results and build a roadmap to top performance.

Sales Manager Assessment

Sales Managers Assessment

We'll uncover the gaps in sales management that, if improved, will lead to significant growth for your organization, plus make sure you put the right people in the right sales roles.

Sales Hiring Assessment

Sales Hiring Assessment

Even the most sophisticated organizations make costly mistakes when hiring sellers. It's hard to tell the real deal from an articulate phony during the hiring process. Our assessment is proven to predict sales hiring success 95% of the time. Be confident that your next sales hire will succeed.

Professional Services Sales Assessment

Professional Services Sales Assessment

Professionals are often tasked with both selling and delivering the work. They don't come up through the sales ranks and often have a tough transition to a sales role. We'll help identify which of your professionals are most likely to succeed in sales and what you need to do to develop them.

Extreme Productivity Assessment

Extreme Productivity Assessment

A self- and multi-rater tool that measures 36 productivity behaviors and how they affect performance. Pinpoint the best areas for driving increased productivity and results.



"We engaged RAIN Group to assess our firm and build us a plan for growth. We implemented the plan, and it’s been the foundation of wildly successful business development for our firm, paying dividends to us year after year."

- Curtis Feldman, Partner, Shepherd & Goldstein

Experience Success Like Our Clients

cStor wins significantly more sales, improves profit margin, and increases productivity.

When cStor's sales professionals were using an inconsistent sales approach, they brought in RAIN Group for a multi-year initiative to establish a common sales methodology.

RAIN Group assessed the team to pinpoint areas for improvement, delivered RAIN Selling workshops, provided coaching and reinforcement, and lent recruiting assistance. Results were impressive:

  • Number of deals closed year-over year improved by 15.2%
  • Gross profit margin on sales won improved by 12.2%
  • Reduced average days to close by 10.4%
  • Results were so impressive the program won a prestigious Stevie Award for Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year

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