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Many sellers today get beaten up in negotiations by buyers who push down margins, demand lower prices, and seek competitive bids to get the best terms and agreements.

To make things even more challenging, negotiations are different than they were just a decade ago:

  • Procurement is increasingly taking the lead
  • Buyers of all types have more information about you, your offerings, your competitors, and your prices
  • Third parties often sit between the buyer and seller (representing and insulating buyers from sellers)
  • Procurement technologies are fast becoming the norm

To discover what’s working in sales negotiation today, the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research studied 713 buyers and sellers in a global study across 26 industries.

This report includes in-depth findings of this study and sheds light on what actually happens in negotiations between buyers and sellers. You’ll learn:

  • The most common negotiation tactics buyers use with sellers
  • How negotiation differs across industries
  • What people in the procurement want from sellers
  • Which seller tactics turn buyers off
  • The importance of price in negotiations

Discover the strategies, approaches, and tactics used by the best negotiators and learn how to respond in negotiations regardless of what’s thrown at you.

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Top Performance in Sales Negotiation

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