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As the COVID-19 pandemic brought on unexpected challenges in life sciences, it also shifted the conversation between sales reps and healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Today, sales reps are finding themselves engaging and interacting with HCPs in different ways:

  • Meetings, when they can be secured, may be face-to-face or virtual
  • Personalized email is preferred by more physicians today than pre-pandemic
  • More companies and sales reps are communicating about the needs and challenges of HCPs, their practices, and patients—not just providing product information

To provide support for HCP needs, you need to ask powerful questions in your sales conversations to first uncover those needs and then provide insight. 

When questions are asked skillfully and appropriately, they help you:

  • Qualify the potential of the HCP by understanding their practice, patients, and treatments
  • Find out what’s going on in the HCP’s world
  • Connect with HCPs and understand the needs of their patients
  • Disrupt their thinking and change their perception of what’s possible
  • Drive the sale forward and avoid pitfalls that can derail the sale along the way

In other words, great questions help you win sales. In this guide, we share 36 powerful questions you can use in your conversations with HCPs.

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36 Powerful Sales Questions for Life Sciences Cover

Guide: 36 Powerful Sales Questions for Life Sciences