MGS Manufacturing Group Increases
Overall Sales by 75%

Client: MGS Manufacturing Group
Industry: Manufacturing
Services: Strategic Account Management Training, Sales Coaching, Reinforcement


The MGS customer portfolio is a diversified mix of original equipment manufacturers and brand owners from several key markets and industries. Leadership was concerned that the sales organization had too wide of a lens on the types of business they would quote. MGS had an abundance of customers and wanted to place greater attention on its strategic accounts, which utilized services across the three MGS divisions and 10 MGS locations.

"We were looking to improve not only the quality of our pipeline, but also the quantity. We wanted a higher hit rate on a more focused set of clients," explained Greg Adams, CEO at MGS. "Selling to existing accounts is one of the biggest opportunities for revenue growth. This is where we wanted to put our focus. To win, it was imperative we create a One MGS plan, so all parts of the MGS organization were aligned in how to create value for each strategic customer."


MGS needed to develop an ongoing, sustainable strategy that integrated the perspectives of all of its divisions and departments. This would be used to create and implement the One MGS plan to grow its designated strategic accounts.

Adams was familiar with RAIN Group and sought out the global sales training provider to help them create not only plans to win, but also a robust, sustainable process.

RAIN Group rolled out a 3-day, customized Strategic Account Management workshop where sellers learned how to identify strategic accounts, build strategies for strategic account planning and management, lead value discovery sessions internally, identify customer needs, and more.

During the training, sellers developed account plans and subsequently participated in a Venture Capital (VC) test where they presented their plans to MGS’ Board of Directors.

The training commenced with individual coaching with sales managers and eLearning to reinforce concepts learned during the workshop.


Since RAIN Group started working with MGS, they’ve seen a significant impact, including:

  • Overall sales (dollars) increased by 75%
  • Growth in strategic accounts by 34%

In addition, MGS has also seen:

  • Improvement in quality of pipeline opportunities; removed dead opportunities, added high-quality opportunities, and created stronger plans to win key deals in the pipeline
  • Increase in quoted activity with strategic accounts and targeted prospects by roughly 19% month-over-month
  • Standardization of metrics across all reporting sessions, aligned from daily activity up through quarterly reporting to the Board of Directors


"We've made a lot of progress. The strategic account plans, review process, integration, and hit rates have all come a long way. We’ve had record capture of business in the second half of our fiscal year. This training was exactly what we needed. We now have solid One MGS plans thanks to RAIN Group."

- Greg Adams, Chief Executive Officer, MGS Manufacturing Group

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