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When we researched top-performing sales organizations, we discovered that only:

  • 32% agree sales managers are effective in getting maximum performance from sellers
  • 31% agree management prioritizes and maximizes time spent coaching
  • 34% agree managers have the skills to manage and coach sellers

That means only about 3 in 10 sales managers are effective, have the necessary skills, and prioritize coaching their teams.

So what exactly do the best sales managers and coaches do differently? How do they work with sellers? What skills do they have and which skills more important than others? What difference does it make in their sales teams’ success? (Hint: it’s a dramatic difference!)

To find out, we conducted a global study of 1,004 sales managers and sellers, focusing on the role of the sales manager. We dove in to find out what the best sales managers do to achieve top performance and drive exceptionally stronger sales results. We share our findings in this report.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 skill separating Top-Performing Sales Managers from other managers
  • The difference in win rate for teams with Top-Performing Sales Managers
  • The types of coaching conversations that organizations should prioritize
  • The roles that are critically important to sales management success
  • The best way to ensure new sellers become Top Performers (this stat alone is worth reading the report)

This is a must-read report for anyone looking to improve the results of their sales organization. There are critical changes you can make today that will have a dramatic impact on your sales results this quarter.

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The Top-Performing Sales Manager

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