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15 Ways to Get Referrals

Written by Mary Flaherty

Referrals are among the top ways sellers get leads and new business, but many struggle with generating them consistently. Often, this is because they haven’t thought about why buyers should refer them. They don’t have a system in place for generating referrals.

We know our buyers rely on colleagues, associates, and friends to recommend providers. So when a prospect comes to us via this route, some of the work is already done for us. Referrals build a seller's trustworthiness and credibility—two cornerstones of effective selling.

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While most sellers recognize the power of referrals, they don't know how to tap into their networks to proactively generate sales referrals.

This happens for a number of reasons. Many sellers are uncomfortable asking for referrals. They either don't want to appear "salesy" or desperate for the work. Or it might be insecurity—they're not sure if they actually deliver value and benefit to their clients.

That's why we put together this list of 15 tactical tips for generating more referrals.

What can you do to get more sales referrals?

This is just a start. Let these suggestions jump-start your own idea generation. Create a sales referral process that works for your ideal clients and your networks. When the time is right, reach out to the prospects your referrals have generated.

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And remember, the fundamentals of your offerings take precedent. Nobody will refer you if you aren’t striving to provide value and ensure buyer satisfaction.

Be referable. Focus on your ideal clients. Tap into your networks in a proactive way. By putting a referral system into place now, you are more likely to receive lead-boosting referrals throughout the year.

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