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RAIN Group Client Significantly Improves APAC Win Rate by 20 Percentage Points

Client: Global Management Consulting Firm
Industry: Consulting
Services: RAIN Selling, Insight Selling, Winning Major Sales, Reinforcement



“Our consultants needed to take ownership of their role in business development and spend more time engaging with their clients to truly understand their business and individual needs and drivers,” said the Global Client Experience Manager. “We had to change how we approached opportunity management, to become involved earlier in the buying cycle rather than being caught in the churn of responding to RFPs without validating needs, which negatively impacted our conversion rates.”


The initial idea was to put a small group of consultants through an online training module. However, after the first consultation with RAIN Group, it became clear that to make the desired transformation, it would require a bigger investment in terms of time and volume of people to complete a sales development program.

“They [RAIN Group] helped us to understand the impact of what getting this right and wrong could mean in creating a true platform for growth. This wasn’t something we wanted to get wrong and we had one shot to put a program in place that could really make a meaningful impact.”

Win_Lab_Room_3The global management consulting firm partnered with RAIN Group to deliver eight customized workshops at six locations throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The 140 participants who completed the program ranged from associates and senior consultants (8+ years of experience) to principals and global leadership (20-40+ years of experience).

The workshops were a combination of RAIN Selling, focused on leading masterful sales conversations, and Winning Major Sales (WMS), centered on planning for each opportunity through Win Labbing, a process of generating the best ideas, strategies, and action plans. A small number of participants went through Insight Selling, the advanced consultative selling workshop.

To reinforce the concepts learned, participants enrolled in RAIN Mail, a mobile and email app that presents sales scenarios with difficult choices and immediate feedback.


The workshops and reinforcement not only resulted in real behavior change, but also helped the client achieve one of its key goals—significantly increasing the APAC win rate by 20 percentage points over a two-year period.

Due to the success of the training, the program is now being rolled out globally with 350 participants attending the training across APAC, EMEA, and North America.

The concept of Win Labbing has taken off in APAC and they’ve created physical Win Lab rooms filled with tools to help people build creative strategies and win important sales. They’re the most booked rooms at all of their APAC offices. Pictures here are of their physical Win Lab rooms.


Win_Lab_Room_2 Win_Lab_Room_1
"RAIN Group really understood what we were trying to achieve, the challenges we were facing, and where we needed to get to. What surprised us the most was how easy it was to create this cultural change through the paradigm shift of ‘see-do-get’. It was almost immediate for many participants who attended the workshops. They really helped our team understand that a quality client conversation isn’t based on selling, it’s about understanding the client’s needs and delivering insights and approaches that add value to the client. As soon as we were able to communicate this shift in thinking, it created a step-change in how we engage in client conversations."

- Global Client Experience Manager

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