Xylem Analytics Keeps Sellers in the Field with Self-Study Sales Negotiation Training

Client: Xylem Analytics
Industry: Manufacturing
Services: RAIN Sales Negotiation, Self-Study+


For several years, Xylem Analytics, a global water technology leader, has partnered with RAIN Group, a global sales training provider, and put its sales team through various training programs, including Consultative Selling, Winning Major Sales, Virtual Selling, Sales Prospecting, and Top-Performing Channel Managers.

The programs have been delivered successfully via live, virtual instructor-led training, but Xylem, and other organizations, have historically faced a common dilemma with training:

  • A learning schedule that works for everyone
  • Busy sellers and sales managers
  • Conflicts with client meetings and travel

They wanted a training process that was practical, timely, and delivered the skills needed to maximize performance but with flexibility and convenience.

Xylem had the opportunity to be an early adopter of RAIN Group’s newest solution: Self-Study+, a training approach that leverages the advantages of self-study with the power of practice, feedback, and collaboration. 


Xylem put a group of senior sellers through RAIN Sales Negotiation Self-Study+. Modules covered topics like 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiations, Always be Willing to Walk (Managing Your BATNA), Mastering the Negotiated Issue (Building Value), and Trade - Don’t Cave.

Available for all 11 sales training programs, Self-Study+ follows a five-step process:

  1. Cohort Kickoff Session: Learners go through the selfstudy modules in a cohort. A welcome session (live or virtual) with cohort participants builds excitement, sets expectations, and creates shared accountability.
  2. Self-Study: Each week, a new module is released that includes microlearning videos, tips, tools, and knowledge checks for participants to complete on their own time and on their own schedule.
  3. Application Assignment: Following the self-study learning, participants complete an assignment and are challenged to apply it to real sales scenarios.
  4. Peer Review: Participants are assigned an accountability partner with whom they meet to review each other’s assignments and share feedback.
  5. Application Coaching Session: At the end of each module, the group meets to discuss the content and assignments, and share best practices.

Steps 2-5 are repeated each week until all modules are completed.

Jessey Bravo, Area Sales Manager LATAM at Xylem Analytics, said, “This innovative solution offers a new model for skills development. It allows sellers to develop skills at their own pace while continuing to work in the field, while benefiting from group dynamics and coaching.”

“The coaching sessions were lively with a lot of engagement. Sellers not only discussed real opportunities but were also using the language discussed in the videos. It was evident they absorbed the content and were applying concepts to selling motions,” continued Bravo.


Xylem found the Self-Study+ solution to be effective and well-received by sellers and sales managers.

“We were able to develop negotiation skills and do so on a schedule that worked for each seller,” shared Bravo. “This was a different way of delivering information which resonated with everyone. It was a great experience, everyone participated, and the material was well presented.”

Following the program, participant confidence scores increased in several areas:

  • Reaching favorable and successful negotiated solutions for me and the buyer
  • Understanding the power and leverage dynamics of a negotiation
  • Understanding the power dynamics in negotiation and trading for value when pressed by buyers for concessions

Achieving 100% program completion on the Allego platform, all participants scored above 80% on knowledge checks presented at the end of each learning module.

“RAIN Group created an effective, on-demand learning experience. Overall, it was less time than doing the traditional delivery. We got content across, and it was an effective knowledge transfer and application.”

Participant Feedback

“I liked that it was at my own pace. The videos and modules weren’t too long. I didn’t have to devote a lot of time each week and I could still complete my work. Overall, the concepts were concise and well-presented.”

“This solution allowed us to complete the learning and assignments on our own time. In the past when we’ve had training, it doesn’t always work for everyone to attend. It’s more productive to have the 1:1 peer review session with accountability partners. The setup is much better than other instances we’ve been in.”

“The coaching sessions were a great opportunity to do team-building work. Some of us work in different markets so it provided more exposure to problems other team members face. There was a lot of collaboration and bouncing of ideas.”

"The way the course was administered was great. I loved the flexibility.”

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