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For three decades, studies conducted by the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research have explored what sets top performers apart from the rest. We’ve looked at organizations and management, and drilled down into prospecting, negotiation, strategic account management, and more.

After years of studying sellers and sales organizations across the globe and across industries, we organized a new global study of over 1,000 sellers and sales managers.

The goal: find out what top-performing sellers do differently and better than other sellers, and learn what organizations do to inspire the best performance from their selling teams.

We studied 100 skills and behaviors across 13 categories and found that Top-Performing Sellers are significantly more capable in the following categories:

  • Selling Across the Sales Cycle
  • Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
  • Relationships, Conversations, and Influence
  • Productivity

The Top-Performing Seller Benchmark Report reveals our findings.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 critical factor at the center of seller excellence
  • 6 areas where the best sellers stand out across the sales cycle
  • 3 organizational factors that enable seller top performance
  • The impact of effective sales training on seller skills
  • Where to focus for your next sales improvement initiative

Download the report now to discover the keys to unleashing top sales performance at your organization.

The Top-Performing Seller

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