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66 Sales Tips Every Seller Needs to Know

After the rollercoaster of the last few years, most have settled into a new normal.

We’ve all accepted some degree of hybrid life and work, and we’ve learned skills and refined processes that will make us successful in this new environment long-term.

But where some were able to get ahead because they were early adopters, the next few years will see those who take planned, targeted action rise to the top.

What will set you apart with buyers next year?

In 66 Sales Tips Every Seller Needs to Know, we walk you through 66 tactics you can use across the sales cycle to fill your pipeline, strengthen your relationship with buyers, and ultimately win more deals.

You’ll learn:

  • The 4 questions you need to answer for buyers
  • The #1 thing that’ll give you a huge advantage when selling virtually
  • Where buyers say 74% of sellers fail
  • How to use the 30+3 rule to keep buyers engaged
  • How to use dissatisfaction layering to create a gap buyers can see and feel
  • The impact modeling factor where only 16% of sellers succeed
  • If you should go first or last in a finalist presentation
  • The industry knowledge you need to increase trust with buyers

Plus, you’ll get a one-page checklist you can print and hang to reference as needed.

Get 66 tactics, including:

  • 11 tips for new sellers
  • 5 tips for virtual selling
  • 9 tips for building rapport
  • 5 tips for needs discovery
  • 6 tips for prospecting
  • 3 tips for qualifying opportunities
  • 6 tips for making a strong case for change
  • 11 tips for proposal presentations
  • 10 tips for advanced selling

If you’re ready to translate your goals into actionable steps, download the ebook now.

66 Sales Tips Every Seller Needs to Know

Ebook: 66 Sales Tips to Boost Your Success