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3 Proven Cold Calling Scripts Introductions that Close New Clients

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Written by Erica Schultz
Chief Marketing Officer, RAIN Group

Many people want to believe that cold calling doesn't work because they don't want to have to do cold calling. Indeed, there are many ways to do it wrong and fail. There are many cold callers out there using deceptive tactics to get through, which leaves a bad taste in buyers' mouths.

Does that mean that it is impossible to build a trusting relationship with prospects through a cold call? Absolutely not. In my experience, and that of the business developers I've worked with, cold calling (when used correctly) is a key way to break into corporate accounts and begin a relationship. In fact, the death of cold calling is one of our 5 common sales prospecting myths.

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What, then, can you do and say for cold calling success? Here are three proven cold calling scripts that have helped businesses break through the noise and set appointments with cold buyers.

(Please note: While the actual names of the companies and short descriptions of the businesses have been removed, and some details have been changed, these are introductions actually used by business developers to engage new corporate relationships.)

Cold Call Script #1

My name is John Smith and I am with Widget Co., we're a <insert type of company>.

We've been scheduling brief phone calls to introduce ourselves and share best practice information. We'd like to tell you how other <industry> companies are...

  • Protecting their global shipping operations and ensuring continuous cash flow
  • Achieving the best possible efficiencies by connecting all <blank> disciplines
  • Using <our client's special expertise> to create competitive differentiation and capture market share

The information will give you a framework for assessing your situation at <company name>. I'm wondering if you'd like to talk with me and one of the partners here at Widget Co. on March 23.

Cold Call Script #2

My name is Jane Smith and I am with Global Manufacturing Inc. – we're a <insert type of company>. As a part of that work, we have just completed a benchmark study where <industry> firms rate over 350 major suppliers in those areas critical in deciding who they will do business with.

What we've been doing as a way of introducing ourselves is to share with some select suppliers survey details specific to you:

  • How (company name) rates on six critical success factors
  • Where your competition stands in relation to you
  • What areas you can focus on that will have the greatest impact on increasing your share of wallet

That's it. Even if you decide not to pursue this any further than this first meeting, at least you'll have valuable intelligence as a result.

What does your calendar look like next Wednesday or Thursday?

Cold Call Script #3

My name is Jane Smith, and I'm calling from Smith & Jones. We are a <insert type of company>.

The reason I am calling is to schedule a brief telephone meeting to review the findings of the work we have been doing on what makes the biggest difference in <topic area> for leaders who are looking to <do something specific that benefits the company> It is fascinating stuff, especially since in the next ten years there will be <an important industry dynamic that you need to attend to>.

If you're interested, we'll even make some recommendations as to what areas to focus on that will make the biggest difference in your particular situation.

It's fascinating intelligence, and I was hoping you might have some time on the morning of Thursday, June 6 or anytime in the afternoon during the week of June 22. What would work for you?

How Do You Cold Call Effectively?

All three examples follow a similar flow that make for an effective cold call.

It is important to note that these scripts are never read word-for-word—prospects can smell this kind of rookie mistake from a mile away. The script is a starting point and the best business developers internalize these scripts and make them their own.

Before making the call you must be ready to have a peer-to-peer conversation around business issues facing your buyer. These conversations appear as though they'll end in two minutes with a yes or a no, but often times they can go for thirty minutes or more. If you can't be conversational without a script in front of you, you shouldn't be making the calls.

An extraordinary script and value proposition with a mediocre business developer will get you nowhere. An extraordinary business developer, adjusting their value-based pitch along the way from direct prospect feedback, will get you introductions with top prospects—without having to resort to deceptive tactics.

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