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Selling to the C-Suite: 3 Tips for Selling to C-Level Executives

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Written by Ago Cluytens
Practice Director - EMEA, RAIN Group

Most of my clients want to have better meetings with senior executives. Meetings that feel like conversations, not pitches. Meetings that build deeper relationships. Meetings that uncover more ways in which they can help their customers.

Behind closed doors, when I ask what's holding them back, many will tell me things like, "I don't feel comfortable," "I have nothing to offer to them,"" or "I'm not at their level."

Selling to the C-suite can be difficult, and getting a first meeting can be a real challenge. But, in my experience, the most difficult part is not getting the first meeting. It's getting the second one. Or the third one.

It's keeping the relationship going.

Back in college, I loved oral exams and consistently did very well at them. It wasn't because I was smarter than anybody else, because I studied harder, or even because I had better answers.

It was because I followed a simple three-step process, so that when I walked into the room I came across as confident, poised, and controlled.

3 Tips for Selling to the C-Suite

When selling to the C-suite, this is exactly how you need to come across in your meetings and using these three tips will help get you there.

Using these three simple tips when selling to the C-suite will get you out of "fight or flight" mode, and firmly back to where you belong: in control of the conversation.


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