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85% of sales leaders report encountering challenges due to an increase in the number of decision-makers involved in their deals. Often, this includes senior executives. 

A seller's ability to engage with and sell to executive-level buyers is key. Sellers must be able to understand the priorities of senior executives and align with their strategic goals. Fundamental skills like needs discovery, crafting solutions, presenting the value case, and overcoming objections have to be taken to the next level to meet the C-suite's objectives and concerns.

In this white paper, you'll discover how your team should adjust their approach to succeed with senior executives, and a framework of 9 key principles with which to do so.

You’ll learn:

  • How selling to senior executives is different than other buyers
  • How to lead engaging meetings with senior executives
  • Where your solution fits in with the goals of executive-level buyers
  • Where to focus to craft a compelling solution for the C-suite
  • How to gauge your team’s readiness to succeed with senior executives

Help your sellers understand executives' priorities, navigate organizational dynamics, and address high-level challenges with the best practices in this white paper.

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9 Principles of Selling to Senior Executives