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How to Sell Professional Services

Business development training for professionals.

Most professionals—consultants, engineers, lawyers, accountants, IT services providers, and other professional service providers—don’t enter their chosen career so they can spend their days selling.

But the reality is that to grow a professional service business, all of the firm’s partners and professionals must be involved in, and successful with, business development. For professionals who were never taught how to sell, this is a daunting task.

In this program, we’ll introduce your team to the RAIN SellingSM methodology and give them the business development strategies and skills that make for successful rainmaking. How to Sell Professional Services is our core consultative selling program. It’s designed to help the professionals at your firm become the savvy business developers they need to be to achieve selling and career success.


Lead Masterful Sales Conversations

A lot happens between the first “hello” with a buyer and receiving a signed contract. How to Sell Professional Services teaches your team to lead sales conversations, and the sales process, with the greatest success.

Lead Masterful Sales Conversations
Balance the Seller/Doer Role

Balance the Seller/Doer Role

One of the biggest challenges professional services firms face is the revenue rollercoaster. We’ll teach your professionals how to balance their selling and delivery time so they can manage a full pipeline and client roster.

Succeed with Selling Intangibles

Selling is all the more difficult when buyers can’t see, touch, or feel what they’re buying. And often, the person who sells the service also has to deliver it. Overcome these challenges and succeed selling intangibles.

Succeed with Selling Intangibles

Learning Objectives

In our core two-day instructor-led How to Sell Professional Services business development training program, suite of online programs, and other components of the RAIN Group educational system, your team will learn to:

  • Lead masterful sales conversations from the first introduction to winning the client and expanding the account
  • Use questioning techniques to uncover the full set of client needs and desires
  • Position themselves as trusted advisors during the sales process
  • Balance service delivery and business development time
  • Sell ideas, insights, and perspectives that influence the buyer’s agenda
  • Keep the front end of the pipeline full while maintaining a practice of active clients
  • Speed up the sales cycle and get your project to the top of the to-do list
  • Set goals and build a personal business development plan to achieve them

Our Approach to Business Development Training

We take a blended approach to business development training that results in real behavior change and results. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

On-site sales training

Onsite Workshops

Bring How to Sell Professional Services on site with live workshops for professionals, business developers, and managers. Training is customized for your industry, company, and services.

Online sales training

Online Learning

Reinforce skills. Train a geographically-dispersed workforce. Our Selling Consulting Services online learning program covers topics critical for business development success. Customize lessons and environments for your company.

Sales reinforcement


Our learning system ensures that training is reinforced over time. From job aids and tools to online learning, email reinforcement, and coaching, we achieve a 94% uptake on learning so skills are learned and applied.

Sales assessments


Where do your skill gaps lie? Who is most likely to succeed in a business development role? Our assessment tools allow us to develop a curriculum that best suits your needs. 

Virtual instructor-led training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Accessible wherever your professionals are, these vILT sessions address business development topics and strategies relevant to your team.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Keep your sales training capabilities in-house. We’ll certify your delivery staff so you can deliver training on an ongoing basis.

Total Access

Total Access

Embed a robust sales method with full access to RAIN Group's world-class content, training programs, and education system at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Execution Assurance Coaching

Execution Assurance Coaching

Accelerate your results with our 90-day execution assurance coaching—the key to ensuring sellers are held accountable, change happens, and training generates maximum ROI.

It's Time to Get Serious about Business Development


of companies do not believe their sellers have the core consultative selling skills they need to consistently find and win business.


The #1 difference between sales winners and second-place finishers is: winners educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives.


Elite Performers are 2X more likely to have sellers with advanced consultative selling skills than The Rest.

In our Top-Performing Sales Organization and What Sales Winners Do Differently research studies, we found that most companies are lacking in the consultative selling skills of their teams. At the same time, buyers want providers who are accessible, share expert opinions and bring new ideas to the table, and who will collaborate with them to develop the best solutions—sounds a lot like being a good service provider.

While many professionals are anxious, distressed, or uneasy about selling, the best business developers use the same skills that make them great service providers to succeed in sales. They just apply them differently.

How to Sell Professional Services will teach your team the skills they need to develop relationships, uncover needs, craft compelling solutions, and inspire buyers with new ideas and insights.

"It wasn’t training that you would expect for a sales organization. It was training tailored to technical professionals responsible for business development, but where sales wasn't going to be their full-time job. RAIN Group taught our professionals how to create stronger relationships with existing and prospective clients and, even more importantly, how to establish a sales process that supported each client's business needs."

- John Simon, Executive Vice President, WSP Environment & Energy

Experience Success Like Our Clients

Spry Roughley adds new logos and improves lead conversion rates by 87%.

When Spry Roughley recognized the need to develop the  business development skills of their younger accountants to keep the firm growing, they turned to RAIN Group.

RAIN Group assessed the team to measure sales attributes and skills and provided training workshops, online training reinforcement, and group coaching sessions.

By amplifying the skills of their younger accountants, Spry Roughley has been able to:

  • Improve lead conversion by 87%
  • Increase revenues by 11%

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