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RAIN Group Partners with ValueCore

RAIN Group Partners with ValueCore to Help Sellers Demonstrate ROI to Buyers

BOSTON – April 5, 2022 – RAIN Group, a global sales training company delivering award-winning results through in-person and virtual sales training, coaching, and reinforcement, announced its partnership with ValueCore, a cloud-based ROI platform that empowers sales and marketing organizations to present compelling value propositions to prospects and customers.

With this partnership, RAIN Group will use ValueCore’s dynamic, visually engaging web-based ROI platform in its Making the Impact and ROI Case training. In the training, participants learn how to build a strong ROI case with their buyers, using the tool. They then practice building ROI cases in application assignments and receive feedback in application coaching sessions.

“We’re excited to join forces with ValueCore on this initiative. We both want sellers to be successful, and many times, it’s the inability to articulate ROI that gets in the way,” said Mike Schultz, president of RAIN Group. “In a recent study, 66% of buyers said that if a seller makes a clear ROI case, it highly influences their purchase decision. But they also revealed that only 16% of sellers are effective at making a strong ROI case. Sellers must be able to make that case accurately, compellingly, and consistently. If they can’t, buyers can’t justify the purchase.”

Sellers collect key metrics from buyers and add the data into the tool. They can also launch the tool from their CRM, pre-populating the tool with existing account or opportunity data. Buyers can collaborate with sellers, tweaking the data themselves to see the impact of the seller’s solution in real-time. The tool also allows for an immediately customized, downloadable, and shareable presentation, using the seller’s existing slideware as a template, so sellers can make the case for their buyers, and it can be shared with decision-makers.

“We’re thrilled to partner with RAIN Group. They know the best way to build a plausible and believable ROI case is to do it collaboratively with the buyer. This tool allows sellers to do exactly that,” said Mike Genstil, CEO of ValueCore. “It’s one thing to tell a buyer how other companies have benefited from a solution. It’s another to equip your champion to effectively communicate the impact a purchase will make on their business. Enabling the automatic creation of high-impact, dynamic visuals is a catalyst for accelerating the sales process.”

Schultz continued, “If you’re in sales or business development, there’s tremendous value in using this tool.”

To learn more about the application and how your sales organization can benefit from it, contact info@raingroup.com.

About RAIN Group

Founded in 2002, RAIN Group is a Top 20 Sales Training Company that delivers award-winning results through in-person and virtual sales training, coaching, and reinforcement. The firm has helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 75 countries significantly increase their sales results. Headquartered in the greater Boston area, office locations include Bogotá, Geneva, Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Santiago, São Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, and Toronto. To learn more, visit https://www.raingroup.com. 

About ValueCore

ValueCore pioneered a Software-as-a-Service platform for ROI selling. The application launched on Salesforce.com AppExchange in 2012 and has since helped thousands of sellers around the globe to close their biggest deals. Supporting Fortune 500 clients such as NetApp, Lenovo, NTT, Verizon Connect, and others, ValueCore’s customizable ROI application enables value communication throughout the customer journey, from inbound, outbound, presentation, proposal, and renewal workflows. The application integrates with sales methodologies, CRMs, marketing automation applications, and data sources for a seamless alignment with your go-to-market motion to enable the delivery of strong, ROI-packed sales content. Originally founded as VisualizeROI, the company is headquartered in San Francisco. ValueCore can be researched at https://valuecore.ai.

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