Accounting firm adds new logos and improves lead conversion rates by 87%

Client: Spry Roughley
Industry: Accounting
Services: Assessments, Sales Training, and Group Coaching


Founded in 1989, Spry Roughley is an established and growing firm of chartered accountants located in Parramatta, Sydney.

Services include audit and assurance, management and financial accounting, taxation and business advice, and wealth planning. Clients include large corporate groups, developing businesses, not-for-profits, investors, and subsidiaries of international companies.

Each year the firm hosts a strategic retreat. At these gatherings, one of the topics discussed is business development. At the 2012 meeting, the company's Founder and CEO, Martin Roughley, recognized that many of the accountants had clients around their own age. As they got older, their clients were getting older as well. There was a need to develop strategies that would keep the practice growing.

Following the retreat, the firm set out to identify a sales training partner that could help their accountants develop skills to attract new clients and engage in quality conversations more quickly.

Roughley and his team began researching various sales training providers and ultimately partnered with RAIN Group. The initial training program was a tremendous success.

Several years later, the firm had a new group of young accountants who lacked the same business development skills to keep the firm on its growth path. After experiencing great success from the first training, he knew these professionals could benefit from the same program with RAIN Group.


Spry Roughley engaged RAIN Group again to work with a new team of accountants.

To determine individuals' strengths and weaknesses, each participant completed the Rainmaker Assessment. The evaluation measured sales attributes and skills of individuals, which helped the facilitator understand who had the potential to develop new clients and grow existing ones, and what specific areas were preventing success.

Following the assessment, RAIN Group delivered the RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling workshop. To reinforce the training and ensure the new skills were applied on the job, individuals completed online training lessons and participated in group coaching sessions via live webcast.

Each live coaching session coincided with the online training lesson for that week. The structured, goal-oriented sessions covered a variety of topics to help the accountants realize their goals. Between the live sessions, participants had access to their coach to seek out advice in specific selling circumstances.


Following the most recent training, Spry Roughley witnessed numerous successes. Noteworthy highlights include:

  • Secured a record-high, 46 new clients
  • Increased revenues by 11% and much of that was driven by the training.
  • Leads converted improved by 87%
"The impact of RAIN Selling has been significant. Now, we have a larger number of rainmakers at an earlier stage in their careers who contribute to business development. More people are approaching us and are comfortable with us because of the quality of our conversations. RAIN Group’s training changed the way we talk. For our younger accountants, it provides a framework for having really good client discussions."

- Martin Roughley, Founder and CEO, Spry Roughley

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