Finsbury Green Increases Win Rate by 25% Following RAIN Group Sales Training 

Client: Finsbury Green
Industry: Print, managed services, and logistics
Services: Insight Selling, Winning Major Sales, Sales Leadership, Coaching, Online Sales Training, RAIN Mail


Finsbury Green, a leading Australian print, managed services, and logistics provider with a large and established sales team, was looking to implement a new sales methodology.

“Our team was disconnected and fragmented in their individual and localized approach to selling. We didn’t have a standard formula for sales success. Everyone was using ad-hoc approaches,” shared Luke Tindale, CEO of Finsbury Green. “We needed a structure that the business nationally could anchor to.”

Tindale, who has a background in sales, knew there was a key to sales success, but that he needed to find the secret sauce and implement it.

He trialed different methodologies, read several sales books, and followed various sales blogs. RAIN Group was one of the organizations whose content, research, and methodology resonated with Tindale.


Finsbury Green partnered with RAIN Group and put its sales teams in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide through the global sales training company’s Insight Selling: Advanced Consultative Selling and Winning Major Sales programs.

In the training, they learned how to inspire buyers with insights, maximize seller-driven value, build a concrete plan to drive success, differentiate, and more.

Learning was reinforced with eLearning, small group sales coaching, and RAIN Mail, a mobile and email app that presents scenarios with difficult choices and immediate feedback.

“Now, we have a methodology and consistency. Everything in the training was rationalized with indisputable logic and research. Our sales meeting plans are more strategically focused and based on a great level of insight and research,” shared Tindale.

The training was such a success that RAIN Group not only delivered it again multiple times over the next few years, but also added a separate training for the Executive Leadership Team centered on building a high-performing team, sales strategy, sales team culture, and execution assurance.


Finsbury Green found the secret sauce.

For Tindale, the KPI isn’t a sale or purchase order. The KPI is getting the meeting at the meeting.

He explained, “If you prepare for the meeting, present well, and can book the next meeting, success will follow. If the prospect is willing to book their next meeting with you on the spot, they saw value in that time. That relevance and momentum are ultimately what wins you the big sales.”

Following the training, the company witnessed the following increases:

  • Number of meetings booked increased by 145%
  • Win rate increased by 25%
  • Revenue growth % increased

By applying the Insight Selling and WMS methods and approach, Finsbury Green secured a significant contract and unseated a major competitor from one of Australia’s largest companies.

"RAIN Group’s Insight Selling has been our enabler to articulate to a broad group of Channel Directors, Sales Managers, and Account Managers the importance of being relevant. RAIN Group also provided several consultative selling resources. We use them day in and day out. It’s part of our DNA. The entire sales-led strategy of the business I operate is geared around this methodology."

- Luke Tindale, CEO of Finsbury Green

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