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Prospecting is the source of many an endless debate. One where you're not quite sure what works, what doesn't, how much time you should be spending on it, or what success even looks like. 

That's why we undertook our Top Performance in Sales Prospecting research. Our goal was to find out what works and what doesn't in sales prospecting—according to both buyers and sellers.

The study included 488 buyers representing $4.2 billion in purchases across 25 industries, and 489 sellers who outbound prospect. Findings include: 

  • How the most successful sellers generate meetings
  • What influences purchase decisions
  • How and when buyers prefer to hear from sellers
  • The role of social media in prospecting 
  • The types of content that most resonate with buyers

We analyzed results across Top Performers—those with the best prospecting results—to bring you data-backed tips, recommendations, and takeaways that'll immediately transform your prospecting efforts. 

In the report, you'll get:

  • The definition of top performance and key results
  • A breakdown of the key areas that set top-performing prospectors apart
  • Prospecting tactics from a seller's perspective
  • Factors that inhibit prospecting execution 
  • Buyer contact preferences across the sales cycle 

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Top Performance in Sales Prospecting

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