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Grow your financial services and wealth management sales.

Selling wealth management services is more challenging today than it was just 10 years ago. Buyers are more sophisticated and can get insights on stocks and bonds anywhere. Prospecting is tougher than ever. Advisor’s relationships used to be enough for them to build their practice.

An advisor’s job is no longer just about knowing and selling their products and services—it’s about looking at the broad picture and providing financial planning advice. To succeed, advisors need to change the way they sell and prospect.

At RAIN Group, we work with wealth management firms and financial advisors to help them succeed in today’s sales environment.

Consistently Bring in New Business

Consistently Bring in New Business

One of the most difficult challenges advisors face is acquiring new business. Advisors rely on their relationships, and prospecting is harder than ever. We’ll teach your team how to bring in a predictable flow of new business while maintaining an active practice of clients.

Become a Valuable Resource

Become a Valuable Resource

Today’s buyers want advice on their financial planning so they can make smart decisions—and a lot of times those decisions have nothing to do with investments. We’ll teach your sellers how to sell with an insights-based approach, collaborating with and educating buyers.

Grow Your Existing Accounts

Grow Your Existing Accounts

A huge untapped opportunity for many advisors is growing their existing clients. From gaining greater share of wallet to family planning, opportunities for growing clients abound. We’ll work with your team to uncover these opportunities and significantly grow their accounts.

Teach Advisors How to Succeed in the New Sales Environment

We’ve worked with dozens of regional, national, and international wealth management and financial services institutions to help them sell the broadest range of products and services, both to consumer and business clients. Here are just a few ways we help wealth management firms succeed:

  • Unleash the sales potential across all wealth management and financial services teams
  • Sell proactively, driving demand for services clients should be taking advantage of but aren't
  • Increase cross-selling and upselling, so advisors grow their existing clients
  • Improve sales skills—from prospecting and consultative selling to closing and growing clients

How We're Different

Selling Wealth Management Expertise

Selling Wealth Management Expertise

We’ve worked with both global and regional wealth management firms to help them improve their sales results. We speak your language and teach advisors how to sell by bringing their valuable advice to buyers.



Our training programs and methodologies are based on our work with financial services companies, along with benchmark research including What Sales Winners Do Differently, Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, and The Top-Performing Sales Organization.

Complete Learning System

Complete Learning

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. Our educational system includes assessment, program customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that new skills are learned and applied. Learn more.

"Professionally, there’s not much worse than a missed opportunity. With RAIN Group, you’re going to be positioned to seize opportunities."

- Jim Bacharach, Vice President, John Hancock

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The Future of Consultative Selling

The Future of Consultative Selling

Selling has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 40. Learn how to succeed with consultative selling in the new sales environment.


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