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Virtual Consultative Selling: 8 Things Sellers Must Do

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Written by Bob Croston
Vice President, RAIN Group

Selling virtually is a challenge for even the best sellers.

You have to change the way you sell and use different technologies to maximize your success. While many of the principles of consultative selling remain the same (i.e., you have to build rapport, uncover needs, inspire with new ideas, build an impact case, etc.), how you go about doing these in a virtual environment is drastically different.


8 Keys of Virtual Consultative Selling Success

  1. Build rapport
  2. Uncover aspirations and afflictions
  3. Make the impact case
  4. Share the new reality
  5. Balance advocacy and inquiry
  6. Leverage technology
  7. Attend to your professionalism
  8. Plan for success


How to Master Virtual Consultative Selling

If you attend to these 8 things, and spend time upfront to plan for your success, you’ll have much more of it as you transition to the new world of virtual selling.

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