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RAIN Group Total Access®

Gain full access to award-winning sales training.

Embed a complete and robust sales method with RAIN Group Total Access® to drive top sales performance.

You’ll enjoy access to our full suite of award-winning instructor-led and virtual instructor-led sales training programs, online learning, performance support tools, learning journeys, and resources for your entire sales team.

You’ll also get the greatest results from your investment with our Client Success Team, ensuring seamless integration and use across your sales organization.

In this video, Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, shares how RAIN Group Total Access® helps you embed the method, build a multi-skilled sales force, and get the results you want out of your training initiatives.


Flexible for Your Needs

You’ll gain full access to RAIN Group’s content across all delivery formats, including instructor-led training, online learning, virtual learning, and robust reinforcement. We partner with you to build learning journeys for your various sales roles.

Flexible for Your Needs
Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

Visionary pricing is designed to decrease training cost per person while increasing training effectiveness. Gain access to RAIN Group’s suite of sales training programs for nearly the cost of licensing just one.

World-Class Sales Training

RAIN Group’s leading intellectual property and world-class educations system drive major increases in sales performance and results. With Total Access, you gain access to our complete collection of award-winning content and training materials.

World-Class Sales Training

What You Get

RAIN Group Total Access includes:

  • 10 major sales training programs, including RAIN Selling, Insight Selling, Winning Major Sales, RAIN Sales Negotiation, Strategic Account Management, RAIN Sales Management, Extreme Productivity Challenge, and more
  • Library of 90-minute discrete, vILT delivery modules across 9 unique learning streams
  • 88 individual eLearning lessons across 9 courses
  • 5 core sales strategy, conversation, and planning tools, including our Strategic Account Planner, Sales Opportunity Planner, and Sales Goal Planner
  • Extreme Productivity Assessment (individual and multi-rater)
  • Two dozen sales-driving guides, templates, and worksheets
  • Access to RAIN Group Center for Sales Research reports and briefs
  • Digital version of all participant materials
  • Detailed facilitator guides and on-demand walkthroughs for major training programs
  • 11 in-depth webinars for live, virtual delivery
  • 33 coaching guides for eLearning lessons

Award-Winning Sales Training to Cover Every Stage of the Sales Process

RAIN Group’s sales method is top-rated and field-tested, proven to work for hundreds of thousands of sellers, sales managers, leaders, and professionals around the globe. Total Access includes:

Consultative Selling

RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling

Our core consultative selling program teaches sellers how to lead masterful sales conversations from the first touch to the close. Learn more.

Insight Selling

Insight Selling: Advanced Consultative Selling

Our advanced consultative selling program focuses on driving demand and winning opportunities by helping buyers change their thinking. Learn more.

Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Management

Learn how to expand, penetrate, and protect your most important and high-potential accounts. Learn more.

Winning Major Sales

Winning Major Sales

Learn strategies and actions for maximizing sales wins and ensure a consistent sales process across your team. Learn more.

Sales Prospecting

RAIN Sales Prospecting

Learn how to generate leads and keep the pipeline full of qualified opportunities. Learn more.

Sales Negotiation

RAIN Sales Negotiation

Learn how to overcome even the toughest objections and collaborate with buyers to create the best possible agreements and win. Learn more.

Sales Management

RAIN Sales Management

Help managers manage, coach, and develop their teams to drive top sales performance. Learn more.

Extreme Productivity Challenge

9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

Transform your team’s results by helping them maximize motivation, control their TIME, and execute in the zone. Learn more.

Sales Coaching

RAIN Sales Coaching

Managers and leaders learn to become the best coaches and drive seller motivation, action, development, and wins. Learn more.

Key Account Management

Key Account Management

Learn how to grow your existing accounts with a proven process and account growth planning tool. Learn more.

Get the Most Out of Your Sales Training


Elite Performers are 3.6X more likely than The Rest to have effective sales training.


Only 30% of companies agree they have good or excellent investment in sales training.


of companies do not believe they have effective sales training.

According to our Top-Performing Sales Organization research, most companies agree they do not have effective sales training. Elite Performers, however, are 3.6X more likely than The Rest to say they do.

Across the board, Elite Performers also report significantly higher sales skills and knowledge in areas such as driving and winning sales opportunities, consultative selling, filling the pipeline, and driving account growth. In some cases, they are nearly 2X more likely to have the skills needed.

Elite performers are also 2X more likely to agree they have good or excellent investment in sales training compared to The Rest.

Indeed, companies that have effective sales training, invest both time and focus in training, and offer training across a variety of sales skills, achieve higher win rates, revenue growth, and sales goal attainment.

"We embarked on the sales transformation journey three years ago with RAIN Group and they guided us every step of the way. They fundamentally changed behaviors and the way we sell."

- Larry Gentry, President & CEO, cStor

Experience Success Like Our Clients

Chatham Financial increases average deal size by 180%.

When Chatham Financial realized they needed more people to shoulder the load of bringing in new clients and expanding existing ones in order to maintain growth, they turned to RAIN Group to help.

RAIN Group developed and implemented a customized RAIN Selling program; rolled out a Train the Trainer program for Chatham leaders, which included a detailed instructor guide, coaching, and access to the library of online learning programs; and designed a year-long advanced sales curriculum followed by coaching support for high-potential sellers. Key metrics achieved include:

  • On track to achieve 200% of sales targets
  • Average deal size increased by over 180%
  • Shortened sales cycle from 150 to 81 days

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