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Take the "new norm" by storm with our #1 best seller.

Do you want to learn how to develop strong relationships with buyers virtually, lead masterful virtual sales conversations, and become a top performing seller in this new environment? 

Recent world events have flipped sales on its head and driven unprecedented levels of virtual interaction. As a result, sellers are faced with more challenges than ever before.

You can’t sell the same way you did pre-2020. If you do, you won’t achieve the same results. You need to adapt. Pivot. And change almost everything you did previously. If you want to thrive in sales today, it will require that you transition to the new world of selling remotely…take the “new norm” by storm.

Change isn’t easy.

Whether you’ve been in sales for years or you’re just starting out, learning how to sell virtually can feel intimidating.

From the best-selling author of Rainmaking Conversations and Insight Selling, this book helps sellers navigate these uncharted waters.

With practical advice, virtual selling techniques you can apply immediately, and the latest groundbreaking research, Virtual Selling: How to Build Relationships, Differentiate, and Win Sales Remotely will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do from mastering the medium to sharpening your virtual selling skills. You'll discover how to overcome virtual selling challenges and reach your sales goals without face-to-face meetings.

You will learn:

  • The #1 thing virtual sellers needs to focus on to achieve higher win rates
  • 4 key areas of virtual selling that, when mastered, will differentiate you from the competition
  • How consultative selling has changed and how sellers must adapt
  • 4 principles of rapport and 20 questions for building rapport online
  • How to run the most effective virtual sales meetings
  • Virtual selling best practices for mastering the medium, including meeting mechanics, setup, and technology
  • How to uncover aspirations and afflictions and lead a virtual needs discovery
  • 17 common business factors affecting financial impact and how to build a strong ROI case
  • 5 keys to delivering a powerful convincing story online
  • How to collaborate with buyers online and virtual meeting tools you can leverage
  • Keys to growing existing accounts with virtual value labs
  • 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity to overcome distractions and boost your sales productivity
  • How to deliver powerful virtual sales presentations
  • Surprising research on what factors most influence buyers’ decisions and how virtual sellers stack up
  • How to capture buyer attention and maintain high levels of engagement throughout virtual sales meetings

Plus, gain access to exclusive guides, checklists, templates, and more to help you succeed in today’s new sales environment.


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Virtual Selling Best Seller
"Virtual Selling more than fulfills my high expectations. It is research-based, sound, practical, and nuanced. Another example of why the team at RAIN Group are the leading thinkers in the world of sales strategy and training."

- Charles H. Green, Author, The Trusted Advisor

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