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The Extreme Productivity System: Keys, Habits, and Hacks

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Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

Becoming more productive can make a dramatic difference in your work, sales success, and overall happiness.

Think about it. How do you feel after a day where you've been exceptionally productive and pushed important projects forward?

You feel invigorated, motivated, engaged, and ready for the next challenge.

Compare that to an unproductive day where you couldn't focus or spent the entire day working on tasks for others. You feel drained, overwhelmed, frustrated, and irritable.

The good news is you can control how productive you are and in turn how you feel at the end of each day.

Through our work with clients, extensive research, and our own proprietary Extreme Productivity Assessment, we've developed a productivity system made up of the 3 Keys, 9 Habits, and 27 Hacks of Extreme Productivity.

Extreme Productivity Defined

The system of driving extreme productivity through the application of the 3 Extreme Productivity Keys (XP3) and 9 Habits to manufacture motivation, take control of your TIME, and maximize focus and effort.

The XP3, 9 Habits, and 27 Hacks of Extreme Productivity

In the Extreme Productivity System (XPS), each of the 3 Keys is comprised of 3 habits, which in turn have 3 hacks, making the system easy to apply.

  1. Manufacture Motivation
    1. Recruit Your Drive
      • Choose your New Reality
      • Plan actions weekly
      • Track progress weekly

    2. Ignite Your Proactivity
      • Calendar Investment TIME
      • Talk to yourself
      • Say "3...2...1...Go!"

    3. Reengineer Your Habits
      • Say "When I, Then I, Will I?"
      • Change your environment
      • Make your morning routine sacred

  2. Control Your TIME
    1. Obsess Over TIME
      • Take T, Increase I, Minimize M, Eliminate E
      • Put your GIA first
      • Track your TIME

    2. Say No
      • Do less: If it's no gung ho, it's no
      • Derail the derailers
      • Keep a To Don't list

    3. Play Hard to Get
      • Be free from the shackles of alerts
      • Signal "Do Not Disturb"
      • Be someplace else

  3. Execute in the Zone
    1. Sprint into the Zone
      • Establish a daily routine of obsessed, planned sprints
      • Relay: Do 4 successive sprints
      • Sprint through distraction. Don't task switch.

    2. Fuel Your Energy
      • Mind: Practice positive self-talk and mindfulness
      • Body: Eat and sleep for energy, be active
      • Spirit: Take Treasured TIME, find your spiritual path

    3. Right the Ship
      • Say "3...2...1...Stop!" Practice Free Won't
      • Make micro change
      • Sign a commitment contract

The Extreme Productivity ModelTM

Extreme Productivity Model

Download this image, print it out, and hang it in your work area. This is a great reminder and will help keep you focused.

Individuals and sellers who adopt the Extreme Productivity System and make it part of their daily work habits have been proven to achieve maximum results.

To learn more about these keys, habits, and hacks download the ebook, The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity.

Download: Unlocking the Productivity Code


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