Infographic: 10 Essential Selling Skills

By Erica Stritch

In What Sales Winners Do Differently, we studied over 700 purchases from the perspective of business-to-business buyers to find out what really happened in their buying experiences.

In our research, we looked at the factors that most separate sales winners from second-place finishers. These are the essential selling skills you need to find yourself in the winner's circle.


The 10 Essential Selling Skills


  1. Educated me with new ideas or perspectives

  2. Collaborated with me

  3. Persuaded me we would achieve results

  4. Listened to me

  5. Understood my needs
  1. Helped me avoid potential pitfalls

  2. Crafted a compelling solution

  3. Depicted purchasing process accurately

  4. Connected with me personally

  5. Overall value from the company is superior to other options

In the infographic, we share what you need to do to master each of these essential selling skills and boost your sales success.

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