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Ask someone, "What's the key to your success with your most important accounts?" and you'll often get, "It's the strength of my relationships with clients."

But if relationships are so important, why are sources like The Challenger Sale saying, "... in a world where findable business has all but vanished, Relationship Builders are doomed to fail"?

The fact is that business relationships are just as essential now as they have always been. If you strengthen your relationships across your accounts the right way, your efforts will translate into increased revenue.

In this webinar, Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, and author of Wall Street Journal bestselling Rainmaking Conversations and new, groundbreaking research What Sales Winners Do Differently, will cover the key components of relationships that yield maximum ongoing revenue and referrals.

Topics include:

  • Why developing rapport and relationships are still important, but not enough to win the sale on their own
  • Where most relationships fall on the relationship strength meter, why, and what you should do about it
  • What the best people do to find out about their clients’ perception of their relationships
  • An introduction to our What Sales Winners Do Differently research
  • How collaboration is key to strengthening your relationships and becoming essential to your customers

This webinar is essential for company leaders, salespeople, professionals, account leaders, and strategic sellers who believe improving the strength of relationships with clients is central to their success.

Turning Relationships into Revenue

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