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Sales Recruitment Toolkit: Resources to Hire the Right People

Thank you for your interest in our toolkit.

Your toolkit includes access to the resources below. Prefer to download everything at once? Grab the .zip file.

Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Sales Superstars

Attract and recruit sales superstars by attending to 5 key areas.

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Ideal Candidate Profile Guide

What does top sales talent look like for your organization? Identify the characteristics that matter for sellers in your organization.

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Interviewing and Hiring Sales Superstars Plan & Example

Conduct incisive interviews to find that perfect new sales hire.

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Menu of Common Seller Skills, Attributes, and Knowledge

Which sales skills matter most? Use this quick-reference guide to screen candidates and ask strong interview questions.

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The Top-Performing Seller Model

Use this competency model to identify the skills that matter most in your hiring efforts, or use your own.

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The Cost of New Seller Turnover Calculator

Get a fillable PDF to calculate the cost of new seller turnover for your organization.

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