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Top-Performing Sales Managers in IT

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Agilysys doubles win rate and grows sales significantly

AgilysysWhen Agilysys needed to create a unified sales management and coaching system, establish a cohesive sales process, and give team members the skills and tools to drive sales, they connected with RAIN Group.

They were able to:

  • Increase sales bookings by 63%
  • Double large deal wins
  • Increase number of sellers hitting quota from 30% to 65%
  • Improve sales cycle time by 20%
  • And more

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Develop the Skills of Your Sales Managers

If you want to help your sellers achieve their greatest sales potential and get the most out of each sales opportunity, sales managers are key.

But most sales managers struggle to help their teams manage their time and day, achieve their sales goals and win the most opportunities. With RAIN Sales Coaching we can help your sales managers do all of this and more.

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