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Complimentary Guide: 9 Principles of Virtual Learning Success

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Written by Erica Schultz
Chief Marketing Officer, RAIN Group

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, virtual training has become an imperative. But designing and delivering effective virtual training is more the exception than the norm. 

Virtual training failure is all too common.

That’s because virtual training that works is still in its infancy, and most organizations struggle to convert what works for in-person training to a virtual environment.

Yet success is there for those who want it.9_principles_of_virtual_learning_success_cover

To build and deliver the most impactful virtual training, there are 9 principles you must apply. In this guide, we dig into these 9 principles, answer common questions, and share best practices that will help you confidently move from live, in-person training to virtual instructor-led training (vILT).

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You’ll learn:

  • How to select the best technology platform for your training needs
  • A 3-step framework for designing the most effective training experience
  • Essential tools for maximizing participant engagement
  • The harsh reality of facilitation in a virtual environment
  • The #1 critical factor for guaranteeing delivery success
  • How in-person and online training differ in needs and flow
  • Common pitfalls of virtual training initiatives

If you’re looking to transition to virtual sales training that drives participant engagement, learning, behavior change, and results, this guide is a must-read.

Download 9 Principles of Virtual Learning Succes


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