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Become a RAIN Group Consulting Partner

Powerful team and tools to drive breakthrough results with your clients.

Have you ever envisioned yourself working with executives and sales leaders to drive sales results to new heights? By joining RAIN Group, you’ll bring the most powerful tools, research, and capabilities to drive sales results and make a significant impact with clients. And you’ll build a fulfilling and lucrative career along the way.

The Opportunity

RAIN Group Consulting Partners are independent contractors with entrepreneurial spirits who build and maintain their own RAIN Group practices. Able to leverage our substantial marketing, sales and delivery resources, and global footprint, our Consulting Partners also benefit from our billing and operational teams, ongoing product development and technology innovation, and connection to the corporate culture.

Industry-Leading Income Potential

Compensation model designed to provide significantly more income than solo independent consultants and company employees earn.

Prospecting System that Works

Lead generation support with RAIN Group’s proven process for generating consistent strategy discussions with high-level executives.

Excellent Sales Support

Sales training and support, including working directly with other RAIN Group leaders, proposal templates and tools, world-class collateral materials, significant follow-up resources, prospecting research support, top-notch sales technologies, and more.

Why RAIN Group

RAIN Group is a recognized innovator and rising star in sales performance training and consulting. RAIN Group was named to Selling Power’s 2016 Top Sales Training Companies list.

Rich and Deep Sales Training Offerings

Training programs cover the complete sales, sales management, and strategic account management landscape.

World-Class Selling Method

Backed by the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research and field tested globally, RAIN Group is on the cutting edge of strategies and tactics for buying and selling.

Consulting Capabilities

Robust, differentiated consulting with our exclusive Top-Performing Sales Organization benchmark database, and deep consulting and customization capabilities.

Globally Respected Brand

Our 3 books, research, and white papers are cited globally as leading thinking by press outlets such as Forbes, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal. We have a reputation for quality.

Center for Sales Research

Through the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, we conduct regular primary research with buyers and sellers to understand the behaviors of top-performing sales organizations, strategic account management best practices, trends in buying and selling, and much more.

Global Delivery Network

Ability to sell to larger companies and sell larger engagements with our respected brand, company delivery network bench strength, and robust training system and technology.

Robust, Innovative Education System

Ability to sell and implement complete sales education systems, which allows for increased client success.

Product Development

RAIN Group is committed to product development, launching new training titles, innovating delivery systems, and developing consulting offerings.

Marketing Support

Consulting Partners have immediate access to sales collateral for all offerings, the RAIN Group website, leading content, our lead generation system, and campaigns.

Ideal Candidate Backgrounds

Most successful candidates come from one of two backgrounds:

  • Corporate sales leadership role – Looking to break out on your own? Always wanted to advise and teach while still selling? Interested in working with sales leaders to drive their performance? RAIN Group may be for you.
  • Self-employed independent - Have an existing consulting or training practice? Want to focus more on building a practice and working with clients vs. all the distractions of running a company? Ready to play a bigger game with bigger clients? RAIN Group may be for you.

Challenge of Independent Consulting

Just a short while ago you could hang a shingle, write a brochure, and go sell and deliver sales training and consulting. Now you need white papers, an always-updated blog, research, a robust product suite, education and reinforcement technologies, blended learning, a rich professional website, and more just to compete.

And getting leads was much easier. Not anymore. Small firm practitioners can spend more than full time doing activities other than selling and delivering client work, and it’s still not enough.

Partnering with RAIN Group relieves these burdens, allowing our Consulting Partners the ability to focus on doing what they want to do: sell and (if they are so inclined) deliver client work.

Two Successful Models - Seller and Seller/Consultant

There are two common paths to Consulting Partner success:

  • Primarily Selling: Find, win, and lead accounts with other delivery resources primarily doing the work.
  • Seller/Consultants: Find, win and lead accounts while also delivering the work you want and our suited to deliver.


Skills, Expertise, and Attributes

The ideal candidates will have the following:

  • Passion, commitment, intensity, and focus in finding and winning new clients, and retaining them for the long term
  • Responsibility for their own sales and success
  • Demonstrated strength in generating new business from initial meetings set with buyers
  • Proven ability to sell proactively in consultative, client-focused manner
  • History and experience in professional selling concepts regardless of method
  • Verifiable history of sales success in business-to-business, complex sales
  • Experience selling to senior executives in large and mid-size companies 10 or more years in sales, sales leadership, or related executive positions, or as an independent consultant focused on training and consulting
  • Specific areas of expertise that lend themselves to business growth, such as facilitation, consulting and analytics, strategic account management, sales coaching and sales management, sales talent management

Experience in the following industries and channels:

  • Technology consulting and software
  • Tech products and semiconductor
  • Banking
  • Industrial finance and banking
  • Architecture, engineering, and construction
  • Accounting
  • Energy
  • Business services
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical devices and other healthcare industry areas
  • Channel management

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