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Rainmaking Conversations Online Training Offer

Thank you for purchasing Rainmaking Conversations. To help you take the tips and strategies in the book and apply them to your own sales practices, we’ve made two of the lessons from our Sales Mastery Program online training available to you.

The Sales Mastery Program offers a complete methodology covering everything from planning to prospecting to solution-crafting to closing to expanding customer accounts. Our blended learning approach combines a rigorous sales assessment, live interactive workshops, online modules (like the ones we’re going to share with you here), and comprehensive learning reinforcement.

If you enjoy your two complimentary lessons, you may learn more about the full program and enroll here

Your Two Free Lessons

You may access:

  • Lesson 3: Developing a Value Proposition that Sells
  • Lesson 4: RAIN Selling Model Overview

The Sales Mastery Program Online Training Overview

MODULE 1: Introduction to Selling 

  • LESSON 1: What Is Selling?
  • LESSON 2: How Buying Works
  • LESSON 3: Becoming a Top Seller

MODULE 2: Understanding Value and Value Propositions 

MODULE 3: Mastering the Sales Conversation

  • AVAILABLE - LESSON 8: RAIN Selling Model Overview: In this lesson, you'll be introduced to the RAIN Selling framework, a research-based and proven methodology to lead masterful sales conversations.
  • LESSON 9: Building Rapport
  • LESSON 10: Uncovering the Full Set of Needs and Desires
  • LESSON 11: Maximizing the Impact of Your Solution
  • LESSON 12: Bringing the New Reality to Life

MODULE 4: Advanced Sales Conversations

  • LESSON 13: The Power of Insights and Ideas
  • LESSON 14: Balancing Advocacy and Inquiry
  • LESSON 15: Questions that Generate Insight
  • LESSON 16: Sales Presentations that Win
  • LESSON 17: Telling a Convincing Story
  • LESSON 18: Succeeding with the 6 Buyer Personas 

MODULE 5: Mastering the Sales Opportunity

  • Lesson 19: Essential Elements of Sales Opportunity Planning
  • Lesson 20: Keys to Qualifying the Sale
  • Lesson 21: Overcoming Buyer Objections
  • Lesson 22: Fundamentals of Sales Negotiation
  • Lesson 23: The RAIN Sales Negotiation Method
  • Lesson 24: Fundamentals of Winning the Sale
  • Lesson 25: Buyer vs. Seller-Driven Demand
  • Lesson 26: Refining Your Approach Based on Sales Dynamics

MODULE 6: Filling the Pipeline

  • Lesson 27: Keys to Prospecting Success
  • Lesson 28: Selling on the Phone
  • Lesson 29: Networking and Relationship Building
  • Lesson 30: Selling with Social Media

MODULE 7: Maximizing Sales Achievement

  • Lesson 31: Importance of Setting Goals
  • Lesson 32: Mastering Your Time
  • Lesson 33: The 6-Minute Daily Ritual
  • Lesson 34: Account Planning Essentials
  • Lesson 35: The RAIN Selling Simulation
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