Center for Sales Research

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research (CSR) provides leaders with critical insights to support strategic decision making and sales performance improvement.

Since 2005, analysts at the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research have been researching selling and buying, and publishing benchmark reports, white papers, research briefs, and best-selling books, including The Top-Performing Sales Organization, What Sales Winners Do Differently, Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, and more.

Reports, insights, and access to analysts from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research are exclusively available to RAIN Group clients and invitation-only Research Panelists.

Panelist Benefits

As a Panelist you receive exclusive benefits, including:

  • Access to all benchmark reports, topical reports, and research briefs
  • Exclusive analyst calls to discuss research findings
  • Early access to data and insight before reports are released
  • Ability to provide input to guide research before studies are launched

Please note: the only way to gain access to full research reports is to be on the research panel.

In return, all we ask is that you—or someone on your team—give your best effort to respond to research surveys as they are released (every few months).

Complete the form to the right to join today.

Panelist Application