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33 Tips to Look Professional in Your Virtual Meetings

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Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to selling virtually. Projecting a professional image in your virtual meetings is an important (and often overlooked) factor to consider.

With a little forethought and preparation, you can make a great first impression with your buyers.

Read on for guidelines and tips specifically focused on projecting a professional image in your virtual sales.


Always use video for your virtual sales meetings. Even if the buyer doesn’t have their video on, seeing your face on the screen will help develop trust and rapport.


“Can you hear me now?”

“I’m getting feedback. Who has their phone and computer audio on?”

“Move closer to your microphone…”

“You’re on mute!”

All too familiar, all worth avoiding.


Your background makes a strong statement about you. It’s a big part of your brand. Many people don’t notice this until it’s pointed out to them, usually because they need to change something. Here are tips on having a great background:


Attend to your own look and project professionalism in your virtual sales meetings.

Follow these tips and you’ll project a professional image in all of your virtual meetings.

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Last Updated October 4, 2021

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