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Complimentary Report

What are the top challenges sales enablement and sales leaders face today? What are their top priorities?

Which are most difficult to tackle? How should they be tackled?

To find out, we asked 423 sales, enablement, and company leaders these questions.

This report contains our findings, including 3 initiatives that will help sales and enablement leaders address their challenges and achieve their priorities.

You'll learn:

  • The top challenges and top priorities of sales, enablement, and company leaders
  • 3 sales enablement strategies to drive results
  • The ways in which the world of buying and selling are changing
  • How to build a culture of sales excellence

Plus, we share verbatim answers to the question: If you could propose one new initiative—and senior leadership would approve and fund it in full—what would that initiative be?

You'll learn exactly what your peers have on their minds regarding sales priorities and what's holding sales organizations back.

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Top Sales Leadership Challenges Priorities

Top Sales Leadership Challenges and Priorities