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Picture this: You're meeting with your prospect after months of discussions. You have a great relationship. You did facilitated sessions, interviews, and organized a global team for the roll out. If you win, this will be your biggest close of the quarter.

All signs look a-go, but you still have one remaining meeting to work out, according to your prospect, "the key terms and conditions."

You walk into the room and hear…

  • "I've brought along my colleague, Darth CFO…"
  • "I can get that signed today if you give us this one last thing…"
  • "This is too much for now. Let's re-engage in two months…"
  • "I don't remember agreeing to that…"

Any one of these is not only possible, it's very likely. In fact, 55% of Top Performers in Sales Negotiation frequently encounter positional or distributive negotiations. At the same time, buyers admit to using on average 3 tactics in each negotiation.

In this white paper, we share select findings from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research's recent Top Performance in Sales Negotiation study. We analyzed data from 449 buyers that represented $2.59 billion in annual purchases. Among the findings are the 5 most effective tactics buyers use on sellers.

You'll learn:

  • 16 negotiation tactics buyers use (93% of buyers use at least one of these in their negotiations)
  • The sad truth about how many sellers cave on price
  • The 5 most effective tactics buyers use all the time—how to identify them and how to respond
  • What to do when your buyer says, "We need a better price"

If you're looking to arm yourself with the skills you need to negotiate the best solutions while maintaining relationships and winning sales, this white paper is a must-read.

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The 5 Most Effective Negotiation Tactics Buyers Use on Sellers

White Paper: The 5 Most Effective Negotiation Tactics Buyers Use on Sellers