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A seller’s job is to drive change.

The best sellers lead sales conversations down the right path by asking strong questions, setting the agenda, sharing ideas, summarizing and communicating the impact of taking action, involving the buyer in creating a solution, and inspiring action.

In short: they influence buyer thinking and action.

When it comes to influence, the initial key to success is intending to influence and not leaving it to chance.

In this white paper, we share the 11 Principles of Influence, and how consciously preparing and intending to influence will help you maximize your odds of winning—through buyer resistance, delays, and competing priorities.

You’ll learn:

  • The influence principles key to driving emotional attachment to the sale
  • How FOMO plays a role in influencing decisions
  • 4 areas where buyers perceive risk and how to mitigate it
  • Why incremental steps can effectively lead to bigger sales
  • 3 keys to gaining commitment

As a seller, your mission is to guide buyers down the right path and help them make a decision—one that’s in your favor and theirs. Download this white paper to learn how you can maximize your influence as you do just that.

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The 11 Principles of Influence in Sales

White Paper: The 11 Principles of Influence in Sales