On-Demand Webinar

What used to work in sales even 10 years ago is no longer working today.

The way buyers buy is evolving at an unprecedented pace due to massive changes in technology and a hyper-competitive marketplace. While traditional consultative selling has been the go-to sales methodology for the last 40 years, it’s not enough to win in 2018.

In this on-demand webinar, RAIN Group President John Doerr will walk you through the new rules of selling and show you how to succeed in today’s selling environment.

You’ll learn:

  • How today’s buying cycle works and how to navigate it from start to finish
  • 6 key differences between traditional and advanced consultative selling
  • 5 new rules of selling you can apply immediately
  • What the research says today's top sellers do to achieve their results

About the Presenter

John Doerr is President of RAIN Group and bestselling author of Rainmaking Conversations and Insight Selling.

The Future of Consultative Selling