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For many, the transition to virtual selling went something like this: one minute you were a basketball superstar with pretty good moves and a decent three-shot percentage. Then you were thrust into a baseball game, handed a glove, and told to win. In a completely different ballpark. With a totally different skillset.

Sound familiar?

Where you may have succeeded in person before, buyers are now harder to connect with, more easily distracted, and more likely to multitask in a virtual environment.

In fact, 91% of sellers say "gaining a buyer's attention and keeping them engaged virtually" is challenging.

In this on-demand webinar, Andy Springer, Chief Client Officer at RAIN Group and co-author of Virtual Selling, and Spencer Waldron, Director of Global Brand Communications at Prezi, share steps you can take to capture the attention of your buyers and keep them engaged throughout virtual meetings.

You’ll learn:

  • How to keep buyers above the engagement threshold
  • The 4 Virtual Selling Imperatives
  • How to lead a thorough needs discovery with buyers online
  • The 30+3 rule to maintain buyers’ attention
  • 7 keys to effective use of graphics
  • The 3 pillars of virtual presentations

If you want to increase buyer engagement in your virtual meetings and inspire them to take action, this webinar is a must-watch.

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How to Capture Attention & Engage Buyers in Virtual Meetings