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Top-Performing Sellers compared to others:

  • Have a 53% higher win rate
  • Meet their sales goals (2.4x more likely)
  • Achieve premium pricing (1.7x more likely)

We wanted to know what factors—sales skills, management, leadership, etc.—play the biggest role in separating the best sellers from the rest.

To find out, the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research studied 1,004 sellers and sales managers.

In this webinar, Andy Springer, Chief Client Officer, will give you a look at our findings. He’ll share how you can identify the greatest capability gaps of your sellers and give you 5 main areas to focus on as you look to build your own top-performing sales team.

You’ll learn:

  • The ultimate goal of all sellers regardless of performance (hint: it’s not winning)
  • How the best sellers stand out across the sales cycle
  • 11 factors that influence whether an opportunity lives or dies
  • 3 keys to increase the likelihood of seller top performance
  • A roadmap to developing effective sales training initiatives

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5 Ways Top-Performing Sellers Outperform The Rest