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It's a new year, which means new goals and the opportunity to refine the sales skills necessary to meet them. To do so, you first need to figure out which skills will produce the best results and where you—and your team—can improve.

The best sellers excel not in a single area, but rather across every stage of the sales cycle. This goes beyond the skills associated with winning a specific deal (prospecting, solution crafting, presenting, negotiating, etc.), and includes opportunity management, account management, relationship development, and productivity. To join them, it's worth conducting an honest analysis of your sales process and capabilities.

In this webinar, Andy Springer, Chief Client Officer at RAIN Group, will share where top sellers focus to achieve results and how you can do the same.

You’ll learn:

  • Critical areas of focus for 2024
  • Key sales skills that have an outsize impact on your results
  • Statistics on where the best sellers excel
  • Actionable tips to close skill gaps

This webinar is the perfect opportunity to set goals for 2024, identify major skill gaps, and develop a plan to address them.

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