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10 Sales Coaching Tactics That Work

Only 32% of sales managers are effective in getting maximum performance from sellers.

This frequently comes down to two things: 1. Time, and 2. Knowing how to motivate and coach sellers.

Amidst pipeline management and forecasting, territory planning, talent management, endless meetings, and potentially carrying your own quota, how do you fit in the development of your sellers? And how, specifically, do you do it?

In this webinar, Andy Springer, Chief Client Officer at RAIN Group, pulls back the curtain on what works in sales coaching, how to hold yourself and your team accountable, and how to build a coaching plan that gets results.

You’ll learn:

  • A framework for leading valuable coaching conversations
  • The greatest difference between the best sales managers and the rest
  • The 5 categories you need in an effective goal and action plan
  • The difference between managing, coaching, and advising
  • How to improve a seller’s likelihood of being a top performer by 240%

You’ll get 10 tactics you can implement now to optimize the time you spend with your team and start you on the road to becoming a top-performing sales manager.

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10 Sales Coaching Tactics That Work