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On-Demand Webinar: How to Inspire Buyers with Ideas, Differentiate, and Win Sales

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Written by Erica Schultz
Chief Marketing Officer, RAIN Group

Sellers who win more often bring new ideas and perspectives to their buyers. In fact, 71% of buyers report that they want to talk to sellers early in the sales process when they are looking for new ideas.

But what ideas inspire buyers? How can you shape buyer agendas for action? How can you differentiate in sales?

q3_2019_webinar_how_to_inspire_buyersIn this webinar, we share the keys to inspiring buyers with new ideas—an essential skill for winning in today’s competitive marketplace. You’ll learn:

  • 5 key elements of a Convincing Story that intrigues buyers and shapes their thinking
  • How to redefine buyer needs, position yourself as a valuable advisor, and differentiate
  • How to help buyers make sense of their challenges in new ways and ignite their desire to take different action
  • The 2 types of insights and how to use them in your conversations
  • 3 keys to inspiring buyers with ideas that matter to them

If you want to ditch the pitch, bring real value to your sales conversations, and win more sales, this webinar is a must-watch.

Click here to watch the on-demand webinar. >>


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