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The Sales Recruitment Toolkit

Recruiting and hiring top sales talent is the #1 challenge identified by sales and enablement leaders today.

It's difficult enough to identify top sales talent—much less convince strong candidates to accept your offer.

Plus, hiring mistakes are costly. Underperformance and turnover hurt your results when recruitment goes wrong. You need to adopt an effective hiring process to discover, hire, and retain top sellers.

From defining the ideal candidate to structuring recruitment interviews, this complimentary toolkit includes resources to master the hiring process.

The toolkit includes:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Sales Superstars: Adopt a 5-step process to build your own team of top sales talent.
  • Ideal Candidate Profile Guide: Identify the preferred characteristics of the best candidates for your organization.
  • Interviewing and Hiring Sales Superstars Plan & Example: Go into your hiring interviews with a plan to discover and attract top sellers.
  • Menu of Common Seller Skills, Attributes, and Knowledge: Use this quick-reference guide to screen candidates and ask strong interview questions.
  • The Top-Performing Seller Model: A competency model to help you build your ideal candidate profile.

You’ll learn:

  • Where sales managers struggle when it comes to hiring
  • How to think about and assess your hiring strategy
  • What your ideal candidate looks like (and how to find them!)
  • How to screen, qualify, and interview candidates
  • Tips for making a competitive offer

This toolkit is a must for anyone looking to hire top sales talent from the get-go.

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Recruiting a Winning Sales Team