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[New White Paper] World-Class Sales Training: How to Build and Implement Your Own Sales University

Sales training is often approached with a car wash mentality: You're in, you're out, and you're ready to sell.

But this isn't how real learning happens. This isn't how you help sellers raise the bar and change how they sell.

World-Class_Sales_Training.pngIt's time for an entirely new approach to sales education; an approach that overhauls the way sales training is conceived, designed, and executed over the long-term.

An approach that drives real behavior change and results.

In this white paper, Mike Schultz and John Doerr, Co-Presidents of RAIN Group, show you how developing a sales university not only builds sales team capability, but also enables sellers and transforms the way they sell.

Specifically you'll learn:

  • Why sales training doesn't work
  • 5 steps to developing your own sales university (and transforming your sales results)
  • How to drive real behavior change with your training
  • 3 keys to get the most out of sales training
  • 11 important measures that tell you which buttons to push to improve your sales team effectiveness
  • The single most important factor to enabling your sales team

Leading organizations are developing their own sales universities, and transforming their sales effectiveness and results. They're increasing win rates, getting new hires up to speed and selling fast, and driving top performance across their sales teams.

If you want to build a comprehensive sales education system for your organization—no matter your company's size—this paper is a must-read.

Download World-Class Sales Training: How to Build and Implement Your Own Sales University now. 

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5 Sales Training Ideas to Improve Results (and Sustain Them)

By now you know that teaching people how to sell and become Top Performers takes more than a one- or two-day event. It takes ongoing reinforcement.

Sales training is a change initiative. Going through a single class in two days does not change the way sellers sell. Change happens over time, once sellers get back to work and start implementing newly learned skills.

[New Video] Transform Sales Training – Your Sales University

While companies spend billions of dollars on sales training each year, 90% of sales training fails to have an impact after 120 days.

It's time for an entirely new way of approaching sales education; an approach that drives real behavior change and results.

What Sales Metrics Should You Track? – The Essential List [PDF]

"What gets measured gets managed."

– Peter Drucker

Only when you have a good sense of what's going on in your organization can you decide which buttons to push to make the greatest improvements. Even small efforts to track key sales metrics can quickly drive better results.