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The Foundation of the Most Effective Sales Training

According to research from Aberdeen Group, best-in-class companies—those that outperform others on a variety of sales factors, including quota attainment, shrinking the sales cycle, and growing the average deal size:

  • Provide structured sales training with a formal methodology (58% of best-in-class companies compared to 37% of laggards)1
  • Outpace laggards by nearly two-times in providing post-training reinforcement.2
  • Are much more likely to provide licensable content from an external provider (59% compared to 38% of laggards)
  • Provide third-party customized coaching (40% compared to 28% of laggards)

Up until now, these capabilities were really only accessible to big companies with millions of dollars to build programs, set up sophisticated technologies, and have the staff and resources to implement and improve.

We at RAIN Group have been doing this kind of work with larger companies for years. At the same time, we’ve been working under the radar to develop innovative technologies, content, and tools to make this kind of world-class sales training system efficient and accessible to companies of all sizes. We’re now thrilled to officially introduce RAIN Sales University (read the full announcement here).

Companies call us all the time saying things like:

"We’ve done sales training, but even when it’s good, it doesn’t stick."

"Over the years now we’ve had a mish mash of approaches and training that don’t line up with each other."

"The training itself is difficult to apply to everyday work because it’s not there in real time, and in the flow of work."

Plus, with the continued geographic disbursement of sales forces, doing only live-training is logistically difficult. So companies have been adding ‘blended learning’ to the mix, but for many reasons (sub-par programs, lack of guidance, clunky technology) adoption and use fall short.

With RAIN Sales University, we’re changing that.

RAIN Sales University (RSU) applies the strategies used by best-in-class companies to provide the most effective sales training. RSU offers a complete sales training curriculum designed to build the skills and knowledge your team needs to achieve top performance, and your company needs to foster a culture of sales excellence.

Through RSU, we:

  • Help to define what top performance in each selling role looks like
  • Develop a sales training curriculum and performance support system to boost sales results
  • Tailor training content, tools, reinforcement, and technology to make the RAIN Sales University truly unique and relevant for your company

The idea is that—along with core live training and coaching—sales teams can now get real time access to elearning, job-aids, best practices, examples, scripts, templates, tips and ideas they need to aid in their selling efforts. With RSU, everything a seller needs is in one place, making it easy for them to get the support and tools they need, and for managers to guide sellers’ development and action.

RSU can be your foundation to building a best-in-class sales organization. Contact us to walk through a demo of RAIN Sales University and to learn how you can bring the most effective sales training to your company.

1 Peter Ostrow, Sales Training and Sales Coaching: How Best-in-Class Companies Are Using Education and Skills Development and Coaching to Achieve Better Results Year over Year [webinar] (Aberdeen Group, 2012). 

2 Peter Ostrow, Sales Training: Deploying, Knowledge, Process and Technology to Consistently Hit Quota (Aberdeen Group, 2010).

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