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Strengthen Business Relationships This Thanksgiving

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Written by Erica Stritch
Vice President, RAIN Group

It's that time of year again. The leaves have fallen from the trees, the temperature has dropped, and the calendar is filling up with holiday parties, ski trips, and family gatherings. Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season, the time of year when we reflect on the relationships we have with family, friends, customers, and co-workers. Thanksgiving in particular is a time to give thanks and show your appreciation.

It's also a great reminder to work on strengthening the relationships you have with your prospects and customers. If you can go from being seen as just another vendor to becoming a trusted business advisor, the better success you will have.

To help, I've collected our top 5 most popular articles on relationship building:

  1. Is Relationship Building Dead?
  2. 7 Tips for Maximizing Time and Deepening Relationships with Executives
  3. Build Trusted Relationships in the Sales Process by Setting (and Meeting) Expectations
  4. On Relationships, Solutions, and Challengers
  5. Building Business Relationships: It's Not Stalking If You Do It Right

Building strong, long-lasting relationships takes time and doesn't just involve saying thank you once a year. Follow the tips in these articles and you'll develop much stronger business relationships that will fuel your success.

For more, check out this on-demand webinar, in which RAIN Group President Mike Schultz covers the key components of relationships that yield maximum ongoing revenue and referrals. Click here to watch now.

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