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SlideShare: Common Sales Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

Last month we released a complimentary white paper, 5 Common Sales Negotiation Mistakes.

In this new SlideShare presentation, RAIN Group Presidents Mike Schultz and John Doerr highlight the 5 common pieces of advice that cause sellers to say and do the wrong things in negotiations, resulting in alienated buyers, damaged relationships, and lost deals.

Watch now to learn why each piece of advice is misleading, and what to do instead.

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Still haven't read the full report?

Click here to download 5 Common Sales Negotiation Mistakes.

Additional Reading
[Complimentary Webinar] 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation

Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017
Time: 2 P.M. ET
Presenter: Mike Schultz

Negotiating a sale is never easy, and more often than not you'll be faced with price pushback, lengthy delays, excuses, purchasing nightmares, and more—even after you think you've done a solid job making your case.

[New Ebook] 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation

According to a recent study from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, 55% of leaders at companies don't believe their sellers have the negotiation skills needed to consistently win new business.

The #1 Way to Decrease Anxiety and Gain Leverage in Sales Negotiations

Alison Brooks and Maurice Schweitzer, two researchers at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, conducted an experiment to induce varying levels of anxiety among negotiators.

One group was subjected to the not-so-melodious screeching strings from Psycho. The other group was treated to calming Water Music by Handel. After listening for a while, the groups were sent off to conduct simulated negotiations.