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[New White Paper] Optimizing Sales Opportunity Management: 12 Critical Questions Sales Leaders Must Ask

Too many organizations leave the success of their sellers to chance.

More sellers are missing quota, sales cycles are extending, and the competition isn't exactly standing aside to make life easy.

Optimizing_Sales_Opportunity_Management.pngIf sellers want to win in this environment, they must plan to win from the start.

Anything short of this and they set themselves up for failure.

In this white paper, RAIN Group Presidents Mike Schultz and John Doerr pose 12 critical questions sales leaders must ask about their approach to sales opportunity management that will help them shorten sales cycles, improve win rates, and grow revenue.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • The science behind "Win Labbing" your most important sales opportunities
  • New research and surprising findings on how top-performing companies approach sales opportunity management
  • 11 factors for assigning a Pursuit Intensity rating to your opportunities (and stop wasting resources on business that isn't worth your time)
  • How to leverage opportunity management tools so sellers have the best resources at their disposal
  • The 5 buyer decision roles in every sale
  • How to convert buyers into Change Champions who drive sales forward

Savvy sales leaders are shifting their focus to sales opportunity management, changing how selling is done at their organizations, and finding consistent success.

Download Optimizing Sales Opportunity Management: 12 Critical Questions Sales Leaders Must Ask now. 

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Ridiculous Upside is the name of a well-known blog that covers up-and-coming basketball players that could make the NBA, but need further development to reach their potential. Too bad that the basketball bloggers took the name, because ridiculous upside is a great way to describe the untapped potential hiding in most every company's existing accounts.