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Can You Identify the 16 Common Sales Negotiation Techniques Used By Buyers?

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Written by Erica Stritch
Vice President, RAIN Group

Last week we shared our infographic on 16 Tactics Buyers Use in Sales Negotiations. The infographic highlights the most common sales negotiation techniques that buyers use, what they look like, and how you can prepare for and respond to each so you can successfully negotiate with buyers on their terms.

Knowing these tactics exist isn't enough. You need to be able to identify these tactics and respond accordingly in the heat of moment during your sales conversations.

As a part of our RAIN Sales Negotiation Training program, we've developed SPEED cards to help sellers quickly recall this information and put their learning to practice. These flashcard-like learning tools are proven to help sellers not only memorize important negotiation concepts, but to speak fluently about them in their sales conversations.

Test Your Knowledge of the 16 Sales Negotiation Techniques

In order to help you practice your identification of and responses to these negotiation techniques, we've given you access to 2 sample SPEED card decks from our RAIN Sales Negotiation online training program.

Practice as many times as you like and you'll master these positional—and sometimes manipulative—tactics. (Note: You must enable pop-ups in order to play.)

Deck 1: 16 Buyer Tactics

Click to play.


Deck 2: Buyer Tactic Responses

Click to play.

If you want even more practice and training on negotiating successful deals, we invite you to enroll in our RAIN Sales Negotiation online training course.

In the program, we give you a proven framework for sales negotiation success.

We'll share exactly what you need to do to lead sales negotiations that result in the best outcomes for both you and your customers. This online program has already helped sellers around the world close new business at healthy margins while strengthening customer relationships.

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